SODAPOP – Your Body Is Music

With contagious sweetness, with memorable pop echoes, here is SODAPOP with ”Your Body Is Music”. Mixing passionate notes and atmospheric assonances, SODAPOP  invites us to an incredible song. The lyrics are honest and SODAPOP’s singing voice is a piece of art, and the production is polished and professional. With delicate combinations imbued with emotions, SODAPOP  frees our hearts for a caressing escape. So, in this impressive track, this talented artist, based in Santa Barbara, CA gives us a unique experience. So turn up the volume and get high.

SODAPOP lives in Santa Barbara, CA and he makes upbeat indie/bedroom pop. He spent the last two years trying to simultaneously travel the world, save money, and write a ton of songs. Now he left with a filled-up passport and roughly -$14 in his bank account. But alas the tunes are ready.
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