Alexander Grandjean – Attraction (feat. ALEA)

Alexander Grandjean teams up with ALEA to release the piece of art ”Attraction”. The singing voice is charmingly pure and the lyrics are original and well written. The production work is very professional and polished well. The sweet ukulele and the fresh drum machine beat create youthful runaway vibes, ”Attraction” will make you enjoy until the last second. Thanks to sensual and catchy notes, it creates irresistible combinations. “Attraction” is a sexy duet about two strangers ditching the party to make out. Grandjean sings the chorus and the first verse features Danish upcoming artist ALEA.

Alexander Grandjean is a Danish artist, songwriter, and producer releasing his first solo album “Via Motion” on May 28th. He has produced and written songs for European hiphop/R&B artists such as German soul/reggae singer Nneka, Danish R&B singer Freja Kirk, and rappers Sivas (Denmark) and Yes-R (Holland).
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