Hand Made House – Like the Weather

In vaporous bursts bursting, here is Hand Made House with ”Like the Weather”. This talented band caresses our hearts with their catchy bursts, mixing synthetic echoes filled with amazing sensuality. The chorus is so catchy and the production is polished, smart and the lyrics and melodies mesh together perfectly. ”Like the Weather” is a unique experience from start to finish, the vocals are a piece of art and very powerful. The atmosphere of this song is very unique and so enjoyable, ”Like the Weather” stays in everyone’s mind, impatiently awaiting the follow-up.

From modern rock to soft pop, HMH brings raw honesty and authenticity to each genre that is mixed into their sound. Lifelong friends Tucker Click and Josh Nardine (Lead vocals and drums, respectively), Maison Thomas-Eudy (guitar/vocals), and Amin Mortada (guitar/vocals) have worked hard to create a sense of camaraderie between themselves and their fans— to help those who listen to feel seen and heard.
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