Running Lights – Won’t You Stay

With a pop punctuation and caressing rock uppercuts, here are Running Lights with ”Won’t You Stay”. Multiplying synthetic textures and sensual vibrations, the NYC based trio Running Lights, gives the energy necessary to begin your day. Thanks to thier notes where percussions and synths flirt and merge with their bewitching song, the song invite you to an amazing rhythmic parenthesis. ”Won’t You Stay” is for anyone who’s lonely and yearning for human connection, even if it means simply watching TV and falling asleep together.

Hard work is nothing new to the NYC based trio Running Lights. For Mike Squillante (guitar/vocals), Nick Squillante (keys), and Steve Ranellone (drums) it’s a deep rooted notion that has been a cornerstone of their Italian working-class upbringing paired with an unwavering passion for music.

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