Joe & The Anchor – Wait On Me

In electro swings and pop echoes, here is Joe & The Anchor’s new single ”Wait On Me”. They invite you to gentle movements bursting with a caressing song with tender vibrations. A mixture of delicate strength and slender ardor, the atmospheres of this song are very unique and so enjoyable, thus exploiting heady contrasts. The production of this song is polished, smart and brought this song to a new level. “Wait On Me” It’s a hopeful song that encourages you to hang in there and to take time to heal something that’s broken. It’s about trying to see the light in difficult times to get the motivation to get through to the other side; a message that’s extra relevant in the current time. With this new title, Joe & The Anchor thrills, while waiting for the rest, impatiently. So remember the name of this talented band, to watch very closely.

With a distinct image and modern production, Joe & The Anchor delivers energetic guitar-driven pop, strong melodies and an original sound. Joe & The Anchor, aka JATA, are the childhood friends Joakim Rosenlund, Robin Zhang, Viktor Edsjö och Ruben Sonesson. They started the band five years ago and the band name symbolizes the security they have with each other, like a strong anchor on a boat. The band started within the indie rock scene but with their debut album, Antidote, they moved to indie pop.
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