She’s the Queen – Shades of Blue

Stellar bursts and electro-pop swings with exquisite echoes intermingled in tempestuously fiery crescendos, here is She’s the Queen with Shades of Blue. Under bursting percussions and beaten clicks of a throbbing breath, embroidered with exquisite mixtures, She’s the Queen offers jostled electro arpeggios of soul grains and pop accents interwoven between them. Shades of Blue is about compartmentalizing memories and saving them for when you’re able to finally face yourself. The chorus teeters between the desire to believe that you had no control in the outcome of a relationship, with the fact that you’re still haunted by what could have been.

She’s the Queen is an American electropop music duo signed to Electronic Rumors. Based in Portland, Maine, She’s the Queen is composed of Emily White (vocals, songwriting) and Andrew Kuryloski (production, songwriting, guitar). The duo met and formed while attending school together at Ithaca College in upstate New York. Shortly after college, the duo moved to New York City and released their self-titled EP, She’s the Queen, which features their first electro hit ‘Waiting Game’.
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