Keeana Kee – Love Is My Treasure

With a pop bitten by electronica swings, here is Keeana Kee who unveils Love Is My Treasure, her new title. Keeana takes flight, marking her felted pop with her singular identity. In the tradition of Shakira, interweaving retro scents and contemporaneity of emotions, she brews plural feelings. a caressing song and energetic clicks, its groove carries feverishly powerful vibrations. Love is My Treasure is about realizing through all your anger and pain, what this person’s love means to you, and the value that it holds.  Bordered by devastatingly bubbling echoes, its pulsations slam bodies irresistibly.

Keeana Kee is a Latvian-born singer based in New York. As a model, she moved to the UK as a teenager and began singing at events in London. Keeana quickly took to performing live with a cover band, developing audience participation skills and around a music style which is a combination of Pop and Soul sprinkled with Spanish/Latin influence.
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