The Great Palumbo – Tennessee

A sweetness that embraces and slides into guitar scents hemmed and with a really nice groove, here is The Great Palumbo with Tennessee. Under ethereal limbo, they deliver notes of unstoppable swing. With warm echoes, The Great Palumbo Tree imposes emotions as in levitation, and amazing vocal performance, it feels natural, aggressive, and unapologetic. So with velvet elegance, The Great Palumbo caresses the hearts of they groove with slender swaying. Tennessee was produced by Thomas Doeve (Andrew Belle, Amy Stroup) and is arranged to give our usual eclectic indie-rock sound a healthy infusion of Americana.

The seeds of The Great Palumbo were sown over the course of years spent songwriting, playing shows, collaborating, and recording in relative obscurity within Nashville’s burgeoning independent music scene. The project centers around Peter Campbell, Will Stevens, and Harrison Hall, but also enjoys support from a rotating cast of other Nashville-based musicians and producers who help bring each song to life.
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