David Archuleta – Patient

Under a song flirting with melancholy murmurs, here is David Archuleta with his new title Patient.
This talented artist distills a singular groove with haunting echoes. Multiplying the bitten notes with a delicate flow invites you to obsessive swaying. David’s voice gives the song a beautiful and unique atmosphere and his performance is professional which shows how talented he is. The lyrics are elegantly composed and certainly unique and his tunes are one of a kind and so enjoyable.  Like a mantra with intimate intonations and iridescent pulsations that slide into atmospheric arpeggios, “Patient” catches under its spellbinding rhythm.

“Patient” is featured on David Archuleta’s brand new album Therapy Sessions, out on 5/20.
David says on the album, “Music has always been healing for me. My mission with it is to heal, and then encourage to move forward after the healing takes place. I want people to find answers to their worries and doubts as they listen to Therapy Sessions, more than ever during this difficult time.”
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